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xCharge – (aka)- Xperia Reboot Options – Google Play

Posted by Glen on Aug 11, 2011, Categories: Android, Mobile, Uncategorized


xCharge Reboot Options *root* (aka)- Xperia Reboot Options – root users gain access full control over available reboot options for Android devices.

Instant access to Fastboot, Recovery, Download and emergency reboot / power modes. System utility is maintained and will gain a kernel manager, rom manger and new features.

Developed by DooMLoRD and MrHassell as an open source project, xCharge has been refined to the point of commercial release as a fully featured root application for Android Marketplace. Owners of this premium application benefit from lifetime upgrades and support.
SorceForge project files available for project advances.

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Glen says: [August 11, 2011 at 8:33 pm ]

Very useful for modifying Android mobiles. Really time saver and how does it reboot so fast.. nice!

Glen says: [May 16, 2012 at 3:26 am ]

It is a bit of a problem. You do need to have a recovery.. this is designed to access modes that exist within your device. If you phone is not “root”, you better get that happening, also if you don’t have any recovery, you should install one! :)

This is designed to work with devices already customised. I am looking into how to do all the rooting and recovery loading on the fly… but might be a bit of an export issue with that.

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